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Very interesting video of fighting for saboteurs and fighters of elite Special Forces of the US Army. It is noteworthy that it is - training battle in modern urban environments where collisions can occur not only in the open space, but also indoors. The techniques of unarmed combat is given not as important as the use of available tools. As an auxiliary weapons are considered a big knife infantryman, shovel, machine gun. Technique resembles judo or jiu-jitsu (the abundance of painful methods, and the almost complete absence of kicks), fight with a knife - Escrima (looks very convincing!), Well, machine gun and then as an obligatory "garnish" - you can shoot, but you can beat, and, techniques for using weapons in the fleeting bout very plausible. The film will be useful to most of you, who by the nature of activity associated with military operations, but beyond that there are many interesting findings for any experienced fighter in any direction - modern urban combat styles does not distinguish ...
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