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The program, of course, you will be pleasantly surprised and happy. It can be trained in two ways: in the style of kickboxing and weightlifting / fitness. Both programs consist of the following one after the other highly dynamic exercises. In the kickboxing - quick bunch of punches and kicks (jab, cross, hook - and constantly on the move with care, slopes and dives), the second part - no less complex exercises that improve endurance and heart to pump the respiratory system. It is worth noting cho in training can use the weighting for the hands - is many times will increase its effectiveness.
Title: Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness
Author: Kelly Kafi-Meyer
Format: DVDRip
Size: 784 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year of Publication: 2011
25.07.2017 7:10:02
Добрый день. У вас очень интересный сервис, видео понравилось, как раз для моих тренировок! Наверное, куплю что-нибудь еще на тему фитнеса и единоборств. Расширяйте ассортимент)!