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A variation of Thai boxing - Muay Thai Chaya - can be safely called one of the most formidable single combats of the planet. Despite the direct relationship to modern Thai boxing, Muay Chaya is still very different from him, and it´s no wonder - Chia was created for a real fight. Tea is often called a "temple box". In technical terms, Muay Chaiya is distinguished by a variety of high-speed percussion techniques - the film shows all aspects of training. In the style of a lot of blows with the hands of a different shape of the brush: a fist, palm, fingers and a large arsenal of kicks, plus acrobatic elements kicks with a turn, in a jump, in a jump from a reversal, kicks in somersaults and falling. Of course, the number of techniques with the use of elbows and knees is not less. In addition, the arsenal of style includes a system of impact on the joints and pain points, which resemble the technique of Chinese zinn.
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