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The purpose of the book - to provide effective practical recommendations on the use of options: for traders, sales professionals, experts in financial risk. It covers options on currency, raw materials, debt and equity. The book expands upon topics related to trading and hedging (insurance of financial risks); credit and market risks; specific issues currency options; psychological aspects of trading and investments. Since some of the concepts needed to understand the options, it is difficult to explain without lighting mechanism of the other classes of derivatives, the book also deals with forwards, futures and swaps ..
Book Simon Vine, Managing Director of "Alfa-Bank" and the head of the unit "Markets Debt and Currency" is a unique source of information for professionals in the market FOREX and futures transactions on the stock and currency markets. The solution of many problems in this book, can not be found in Russia, nor in Western literature. Important features of the book is its practical orientation and readability: for each topic are given exercises to help consolidate the material covered.
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