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About the game:

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The whole world - your canvas, and the whole earth - your colors!

Grab the tools and go! Create a weapon to fight various enemies in different biomes. Dig deeper to find jewelry, money and a lot of other useful things.

Gather resources to create everything you need and make the world the way you want it to. Build your house, or even a fortress castle!

People will move you to live and perhaps even sell you things that will help you in your travels.

Besides, you still expect a lot of different tasks and tests. Ready to start?

Main Features:

Free gameplay

Randomly generated world
After payment you will get a link to activate the game Terraria (Steam Gift ROW / Region Free) when you click on the game which is activated on your account or to be added to the inventory. Also, duplicate links to a page with Gift comes to the post, said the purchase.

Activation Gift´a (present):

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)

2. Register a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.

3. Activate Gift-link after payment received in your browser (copy and paste into your browser).

4. After this, you can either add the game to your library (users can start downloading the game), or to keep the inventory (can be activated at any time to share with other users Steam, give to friends, etc.).

Gift-activation of that game (if you choose "Leave the inventory"):

5. Click on the "Game" -> "Manage gifts and guest invitations" -> "Add to my library"

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Thanks. :)
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Very good, thanks :)
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thank you
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thank you
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