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1. Criminal proceedings are divided into:

2. The principles of due process are not:

3. The criminal cases of private accusation are characterized in that they:

4. Limits of proof in a criminal case - is:

5. The types of evidence provided for in the law, are not:

6. The period of detention may be extended:

7. The inquiry ends:

8. The investigative actions are:

9. The identification parade is always preceded by:

10. Specify a valid ground for suspending the criminal proceedings:

11. What are the grounds for conducting the preliminary hearing:

12. Specify the attributes of jurisdiction of criminal cases:

13. Indicate what action can not accept the appeal court:

14. Specify the base reprieves:

15. Compulsory medical measures applicable for the period:

16. Prior to the judgment period of detention of a person suspected of committing a crime is:

17. It is unacceptable proof:

18. The period of detention during the investigation of the criminal case shall not exceed:

19. The stay of proceedings may be reopened if:

20. A guilty verdict is adopted if:


90. In case of insufficient clarity or completeness of the expert opinion, as well as the emergence of new issues is appointed:

91. Suspend the preliminary investigation is possible if:

92. Specify the name of the wrong stage of the criminal process

93. The subject of proof are:

94. Indicate which evidence is direct:

95. The measures of criminal procedure compulsion are not:

96. What are the symptoms of jurisdiction of criminal cases:

97. The form of the preliminary investigation is:

98. What are the circumstances precluding the proceedings

99. Among the investigation concerns:

100. Please indicate which of the grounds for termination of the criminal case and the prosecution is nereabilitirujushchim:
TOTAL 100 questions

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