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The book is a detailed description of the device, maintenance, adjustments, performance.
Table of contents

Chapter 1 engine

I. basic characteristics and technical specifications of diesel \\ VD615 Euro Series II

II. Fuel System Components table

Sh Aggregate main technical parameters

IV. Fuel, lubricating oil, coolant and auxiliary materials

V. Combined clearance and wear limit for the main components of a diesel engine

VI. method of twisting and twisting moment the main bolt and nut diesel

VII. Features and method of adjustment, replacement of diesel by series

S. Jobs and service diesel engines for the series \\ VD615

Chapter 2 grip

I. Description of clutch control

II. rabochnye Options

Sh specification servo cylinder clutch

IV. setting and regulation

V. Note

VI. typical damage and the method of solution

Chapter 3 variator

I. Rule nomerovannya

II. The main parameters of the characteristics of CVT series dvuhpromezhutochnogo shaft

Sh Driving the main section of the ensemble series dvuhpromezhutochnyh variator shafts Brands Fast (FAQ)

IV. Dynamic Series CVT transmission shafts dvuhpromezhutochnyh brand Fast

V. The typical structure of a series of CVTs dvuhpromezhutochnyh shafts brands Fast

VI. Disassembly and assembly of the series of roll dvuhpromezhutochnyh CVTs brand Fast

VII. Operation, maintenance and attention to the series of roll dvuhpromezhutochnyh

CVTs brand Fast

VIII. Statement parts dvuhpromezhutochnyh series of roll CVT brand Fast

Chapter 4 Transmission


I. First, the principle Reviews

II. Key functional parameters

Sh Notes during installation

Chapter 5 The front axle

I. Description

P. Second-main technical parameters

Sh t-assembly and regulation automatically adjust the length of the shoulder (ASA)

IV. Regulation Bearing Kit

V. Tightening torque of the main nuts and bolts

Chapter 6 Drive axle

I. outer appearance the drive shaft and main technical parameters HOWO 101

II. service use

Sh collection and analysis of machine axis

IV. basic technical data for repair

V. typical damage

VI. ST drive axle

Chapter 7 steering

I. Description

AP main assembly of the steering mechanism

Sh adjustment and installation of the steering mechanism

V. On the time for zavёrtyvaniya of the steering mechanism

Chapter 8 Brakes

I. Description

II. WABCO ABS system and the company

III. ABS system KNORR coma him

Chapter 9 Suspension

I. Description

P. assembly and regulation

Sh Care and Maintenance

IV. Suspension of other types of machines

V. NS-07 'V * system shaft and thrust balancing system

Chapter 10 driving office

I. Generalizations

P. Warm air conditioner avtomabilya by brand HOWO

Chapter 11 Electrical

I. Summary of a new type of digital device

P. principle of intelligent control systems

Sh manual for the intelligent control system

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