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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$30 the discount is 2%
$50 the discount is 5%
$90 the discount is 7%
$200 the discount is 10%
Private cs go cheat for 1 month.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- You need to register on the site and then confirm http://www.aimjunkies.com/forums/forum.php email. All logins must be in English only !;

- This address Email newsletters will be sent instructions for the game with cheat .;

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
22.09.2018 19:12:19
very good seller, buying since 2 yrs
25.07.2017 19:31:29
his service is really helpfull those people who cant use paypal etc on their country keep it up man thx
24.06.2017 16:12:08
Awesome seller
12.04.2017 16:16:24
15.01.2017 18:59:21
great seller he is also fast kind and helpful thx alot man
19.12.2016 20:06:51
Good seller! Thank you for ur service.. :)
21.08.2016 1:57:34
11.08.2016 0:58:52
13.04.2015 19:58:00
Купил и где ??

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