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Lifetime - "life-long" code, which enables the system to update the CIC subsequent releases without buying new codes FSC.

For more information on CIC - http://www.drive2.ru/users/arnold/blog/370304/

How to order FSC?

You are required VIN of CIC (CIC if the vehicle is equipped with a factory it VIN of the car, if the car is retrofitted with CIC own vehicle's VIN and VIN in the CIC will likely not be the same), or code FSC 1B (Navi Enabler).

VIN CIC or FSC 1B (Navi Enabler) in addition to a whole bunch of ways you can read the program SWID_reader (found on the internet or ask her for personal messages or Skype).

FSC Code will be available to you within the hour.

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