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We invite you to Russian Localization for the theme and plugin OptimizePress in one archive!
Two Localizations of the price of one!

What OptimizePress?
This is the theme / plugin for business and marketing. OptimizePress allow you to create a selling site-odnostranichniki, page sales letters, landing pages and signature.

If you sell infotovary, infokursy or doing affiliate marketing online, then buy Optimizepress 2 for you - just an urgent need. After all, it is a valuable assistant and a good investment in your business.

Features OptimizePress:

- Create high-performance landing pages
- Funnels Product Launch
- Create a page with the registration for the webinar
- Creation of selling pages
- Create a number of information pages
- Create a subscription page
- Advertising rates
- Create a blog
- Creating advertising messages

But interface in English. What to do? The solution is: we offer you a complete Russification.

Note: this Localization for OptimizePress (and not the OptimizePress).
Localization is complete. Our Localization will help you to work with OptimizePress simple and most importantly effective.
Attached files localization (ru_RU.po,, and file .htaccess (to protect from viewing files and copy them).
Instructions for use Localization within the archive.
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