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"This game is a grand experiment in random / procedural open world generation. Worlds are beautifully generated with oceans, cliffs, canyons, fields, deserts, buildings, fog, weather, and a smooth day / night cycle. As your stats improve you will encounter cooler and tougher enemies, and difficulty scales (infinitely?) From the center. At it´s core 3089 is an open-world FPS RPG in the style of Borderlands, with tons of stats that can be increased manually to support different play styles. But the procedural generation and bold, polygonal visual style provide an endless supply of unique, immersive, unpredictable new worlds to learn and explore. "

10/10 - Burtz87 @ IndieDB

"The game has procedurally generated ... well, pretty much everything. Missions, weapons, terrain, buildings ... you never know exactly what you´re in for, although you can be sure it´ll be a great ride. Your choice of gameplay styles is limitless - are you a walking tank or a ninja assassin? Diplomatic schemer or ace fighter pilot? There are no hard-and fast roles, and you can mix and match and make it up as you go along. "

10/10 - YetiChow @ IndieDB

"It ... Is ... Strange ... But it makes me feel oddly nostalgic ... It is by far extremely well done. But again, it´s very strange ... I love it: 3 "

10/10 - UlteriorPanzie @ IndieDB
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