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Repair CAT SB-165.
A description of all the most important moments of repair Transmissions
SB-165 325-04-0000 wheel loader L-34 and Dressta
production of "Huta Stalowa Wola" from disassembly to assembly.
Conducting self-diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem. We describe the diagnosis
friction discs, pistons, gears, drums and the rest of the most important details for
correct operation of the gearbox.
A detailed description of the possible methods of rehabilitation works of worn parts to save
funds instead of buying new parts.
Adjusting the clearances in the assembly.
Catalog of SB-165 CAT for ordering spare parts for part numbers, studying PPC devices and how to benefit
for self-repair.
A folder with photos and drawings for clarity and explanation.
Free additional information support in the event of a lack of information in the manual.
It is recommended as a guide for self-repair and studying the device boxes pperedach type SB-165 325-04-0000
wheel loader L-34 production and Dressta "Huta Stalowa Wola".
The manual is intended for front loader drivers involved in self repair, as well as
Loader owners wishing to avoid additional repair costs to third-party organizations.
Transmission SB-165 325-04-0000
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