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Instructions for use, repair and maintenance of drive systems for front loader L-34 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola". To drive system includes all the problems associated with truck traffic. This loss of power, full stop, distilled oil from one system to another, mechanical problems and other problems of all units of the loader drive system in motion.
 Management is unique in content. Compiled by the direct perpetrator of the described in the book production process with photos and detailed description of work.
 Rukovodsvo compiled in a collection, and includes several previously issued, documents and manuals.
 If necessary, the guide can be used for repair and maintenance of accessory drive system other models of wheel loaders production "Huta Stalowa Wola" and Dressta, as well as other trucks from various manufacturers with a similar device
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The guidance includes:
 1. Diagnosis of drive system front loader L34
A practical guide for the drivers front loader L-34 allows drivers of loaders independently determine the faulty units on the truck
 and to make a diagnosis without the aid of maintenance organizations. The description of the overall process of troubleshooting directory with pictures attached to the hydraulic
part of the drive system. Conduct a full analysis of the reasons oil haul, overflow, power loss, etc.
Fault detection, search order and troubleshooting in the front loader drive system L-34 using the tutorial.
 2.Remont SB-165 CAT.
A description of all the most important moments of repair Transmissions SB-165 325-04-0000 wheel loader L-34 and Dressta
production of "Huta Stalowa Wola" from disassembly to assembly.
Conducting self-diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem. We describe the diagnosis
friction discs, pistons, gears, drums and the rest of the most important components for proper operation of the gearbox.
A detailed description of the possible methods of rehabilitation works of worn parts to save money, instead of buying new parts.
Adjusting the clearances in the assembly.
A folder with photos and drawings for clarity and explanation.
It is recommended as a guide for self-repair and studying the device boxes pperedach type SB-165 325-04-0000
wheel loader L-34 production and Dressta "Huta Stalowa Wola".
The manual is intended for front loader drivers involved in self repair, as well as
Loader owners wishing to avoid additional repair costs to third-party organizations.
 3.Remont converter on loader L-34
The manual provides a detailed description of the technological process of disassembly, diagnosis,
repair and assembly of the torque converter to the wheel loader L-34 (Stalowa Wola) .Raskryvayutsya the most important moments of the correct ways and Troubleshooting
Recovery worn-out parts. The whole process of repair work is described in conjunction with the catalog on the hydrodynamic transmission (torque converter)
 ZM151N / AD-L34. Identifies the drawing and shown photographs for reference.
 4. Operation of the engine YaMZ
The guide outlines the basic rules of operation, maintenance YaMZ-236M2, YaMZ-238M2, YAM3-238AM2, YaMZ-238VM,
YaMZ-238GM2, YAM3-238IM2 and YaMZ-238KM2.
 5. Engine Installations YaMZ 238 on the loader L-34
A detailed description of the preparatory work, the order YaMZ 238 engine installation on the wheel loader L-34 (Stalowa Wola), engine harness, installation of power supply systems and exhaust installation of an additional oil cooler and others.
Illustrative photos from the truck-mounted engine, photos of the most important points of fastening and binding.
The most important figures for the independent production of engine mounts to the frame of the truck and the connection of the engine with torque converter.
 6. The catalog of spare parts for forklift L-34 "Stalowa Wola"
 7. Service Manual front loader L34
Full manual, service and device front loader L-34. The original book of the factory - manufacturer.
 8. A detailed description of the organization and carrying out of self-repair of the valve and pump P2C2110C8B2A front loader drive system
 production of "Huta Stalowa Wola" and Dressta.
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