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Genre: First-Person Shooter, Zombie, Co-op
Type: Single and network game
Localization: All Russian
Age: 18+


Killing Floor - a cooperative horror shooter for survival with a first-person view, which unfolds on the streets of abandoned cities and suburbs of Britain shortly after the failed experiment to create and clone the "super-soldier." You and your comrades - members of the armed forces, dropped into these places with a simple task - to survive as long as possible, having cleared the landing zone from the consequences of the unsuccessful experiment!
Cooperative gameplay - six players against countless mutants
The system of improvements, allowing to use online achievements to improve the skills of the hero
More than 170 achievements, such as "Respect for Death", awarded for the killing of 10 monsters devouring the corpses of your teammates or "Hot Fun", for killing 25 burning monsters from a crossbow
The time-slowing function "ZEDtime", allowing you to see in detail the game moments, even in multiplayer
Single game mode "in one"
Ten kinds of monsters, concerned only with tearing your head. In addition to jaws and claws, these offspring can be armed with chainsaws, machine guns or even a grenade launcher
Wide, having more than thirty-three types of weapons, the choice of weapons - from knives and fire ax to shotgun, rifles and flamethrower
Devices for welding, medical preparations and armor, designed to facilitate survival
System improvements. You can choose those that will help to confront the innumerable mobs of mutants or just be useful to your team
Open, non-linear game world: you are free to choose where and when to fight or retreat. Brew the doors to make monsters go around the narrow corridors
Full customization, allowing players to change the difficulty level, the number of waves, or even display their own, composed of favorite monsters
Support for Steam and Steamworks functionality
A set of materials for creating new levels and mods
Instructions for activating on Steam:
1. Download the Steam client (Not required if available)
2. Register an account (Not required if available)
3. Run Steam
4. In the browser window, paste the received Gift link and go through it.
5. In the window that appears, click the accept gift button, then the "add to library" button (to start the game installation) or the add button to my inventory (for later installation).

System requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista
Processor: 1.2 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB
Video card: with 64 MB of video memory, compatible with DX9
Hard disk: 2 GB of free space
Sound card: compatible with DX 8.1
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