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Activation: Steam
Language: Russian\English
Genre: Action
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve

Region: Asia
This product can be activated in any country when using VPN, the instruction below.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will revive one hurricane command gameplay, first introduced 12 years ago.
CS: GO will include new maps, characters, weapons and enhanced versions of the classic CS (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will contain new game modes, a system of organizing matches, the global tables of players, and more.
"Counter-Strike was a surprise for the gaming industry, when not particularly successful mod became one of the most popular shooters in the world immediately after its release in
August 1999, — said Doug Lombardi from Valve, — for the past 12 years, she´s still one of the most popular games in the world, often appears in gaming competitions and sold over 25 million copies worldwide. CS: GO promises to revive the famous gameplay Counter-Strike and to offer its players not only on PCs but also on next-generation consoles and PCs Mac".

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Additional information
This product is an activation key for steam.
This key can only be activated in these countries: China, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Lao people´s Democratic Republic, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau.

How to activate the key if you are not from Asia:
1) Visit the site
2) Press the button "VPN for Windows" and download the program
3) on The same site click on the button "Try it for free" and get a VPN for a day (if you have already received an email to us)
4) Go to the VPN program, insert the received VPN code for a day
5) Choose country Vietnam, Indonesia or Singapore don´T HAVE to CHOOSE RUSSIA!
6) to make sure the VPN is working, go to the site and if you wrote that you are from Russia, again see point 5!
7) Go to steam and activate the key.
10.07.2018 13:28:12
08.07.2018 19:58:42
30.05.2018 22:52:04
30.05.2018 12:11:35
I want a STEAM key
19.04.2018 21:06:44
Хочу подарок
25.03.2018 22:20:20
хочу ключ STEAM
25.03.2018 22:20:11
хочу ключ STEAM
25.03.2018 22:20:02
хочу ключ STEAM
25.03.2018 22:19:51
хочу ключ STEAM
25.03.2018 21:33:24
хочу ключ STEAM
22.03.2018 0:37:02
17.03.2018 14:58:12
хочу ключ STEAM
16.03.2018 17:45:50
Топ магазин\сайт не кидало смело покупайте)
16.03.2018 17:34:26
Всё круто на изичах всё сделал
14.03.2018 20:39:31
спасибо ,все отлично
14.03.2018 7:09:58
Немного попарился с vpn, но ключ активировался. Рекомендую
17.11.2017 8:57:15
Возвращаю свои слова обратно, отличный магазин, все приходит на 4/5 (иногда у них исчезает интернет, но игра приходит на следующий день)
01.11.2017 11:17:55
Здесь НЕ обманывают! Покупал CS GO пришло!
Очень отзывчивый продавец!
Буду покупать ещё и всем советую!
24.10.2017 19:02:30
Спасибо! Всё быстро
15.10.2017 22:57:04
извините ссылка на мой профиль вот

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