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Do you communicate in Skype in multiple languages? Then you know that when you switch between chats Skype does not remember the keyboard layout, and when you need to quickly unsubscribe to the Ukrainian is in English then in Russian - sometimes you forget to switch the keyboard layout and starts drooling ..., nerves, broken interfaces ...

But now we can help Skype to remember the keyboard layout for each individual chat - just install the utility Keyboard Layout Remembering tool fro Skype.

This utility monitors the last active keyboard layout for each chat and when you return to this chat - automatically include it. Keeping the data you no longer have to worry about it and the utility will do everything myself every day.

Also, it automatically sets the focus to the text box to chat and can immediately print and you can make Skype window on top of all other windows!
To run the program requires .Net Framework 3.5 or higher.

Starting with Windows 7 Library

.Net Framework 3.5 is already built into the system and additional

steps are required.
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