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Tactical thriller in the spirit of classical representatives of the genre. Mercenary professional looking Russian "businessman", who stole a large sum of money from his "colleagues", who is hiding from retaliation in a certain Latin American country.

The complicated political situation, confrontation between governmental troops and rebel groups, the necessity to choose friends and foes - "trip" to an exotic country becomes a stressful and dangerous adventure.

? «7.62» continues the tradition of the game "Brigade E5: New Alliance" - the best tactic 2005 version of Gameland Award, magazines "Best Computer Games", "Land of the Games" and "Game World Navigator".

? battle system SPM (Smart Pause Mode) combines the dynamics of real-time strategy with a wealth of tactical possibilities in increments.

? More than 150 types of weapons with realistic characteristics and the possibility of modification.

? A wide choice of real ammunition and items of equipment.

? Non-linear storyline, freedom of decision, several options for the finals.

? Three dozen mercenaries.
10.08.2018 8:08:32
ok ;-)
03.10.2016 7:25:09
21.08.2016 16:01:02
Всё отлично!
08.06.2016 21:00:05
Ключ валидный, всё окей
17.09.2014 19:36:51
Активация успешна.
12.08.2014 21:12:35
Отлично, все работает, проблем не было.
28.07.2014 11:13:09
18.07.2014 6:26:33
Все отлично
08.07.2014 18:14:28

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