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Digital copy of the official activation key (CD KEY) game Brink, to activate in the Steam system.

Instant delivery! Code Activation Key of the game Brink is displayed in the browser after payment!

Obratene attention:
• Brink - official version from 1C - it has territorial limitations (only suitable for RF and CIS countries)!

• Every buyer who leave a positive review and I will write in comments the desire to receive the gift, will be sent a steam key to one of the various games.
• Gift delivery is done within 24 hours from the time of writing the review.
• El. mail in photo are not necessarily

In dynamic first-person shooter Brink, your character will develop in all game modes: campaign is designed to pass either alone or together with a friend, you can also try your hand at multiplayer. Whatever specialization and role on the battlefield you choose, the world Brink will not disappoint you. Rapid and vivid battles, lots of possibilities to create a unique hero, and an innovative control system does not leave anyone indifferent.

Features of Brink:
• Hero, but not simple. A variety of settings will give you almost unlimited freedom to create a truly unique hero. The farther you progress in the story, the more opportunities will open before you.
• The double-edged sword. Choose your side while passing single-player campaign — join the Protection or become a fighter of the Resistance. And then take part in online battles and together with its allies set the heat enemies.
• Blurring the boundaries. Brink will instantly move your character between modes single-player campaign, cooperative and multiplayer games. You can go through the campaign, fighting in a team with seven friends (or characters under the control of artificial intelligence) against other players.
• Play smart. With the help of smart buttons SMART even inexperienced fighters can operate spectacularly and effectively. This feature complements the classic control scheme for first person shooters and will allow everyone to always achieve goals and find elegant solutions to difficult situations.
• Goals and rewards. Tasks, data, equipment — in any game mode, all generated in real-time to reflect your actions, specialization, condition, location, and also members of your squad and the situation on the battlefield. B Brink you´ll always know where to go, what to do and what rewards you expect.
Key activation Brink:
1. You need to download and install Steam (if not installed yet)
2. Register of Nowy a Steam account or log into an existing one.
3. Go to "My games" and select "Activate via Steam...", read and accept the subscriber agreement of Steam service and enter the key received immediately after payment.
4. After activation the game Brink to appear in the games list and you will be able to download it with steam. The installation process (download) takes about 15-50 minutes (depending on your Internet channel).

The keys Brink of officially propagated by the method of digital distribution, without discs and boxes.
09.01.2018 13:22:19
06.05.2017 9:48:52
хочу подарок
04.03.2017 0:49:00
Всё хорошо. Ключ пришёл сразу, хочу подарок
03.03.2017 2:46:05
Отличный продавец. Мгновенная доставка. Рекмендую. Жду подарочек.
10.11.2016 19:33:49
Все хорошо, товар получил сразу. Хочу подарок)
28.09.2016 12:50:28
Спасибо, ключ получил мгновенно, игру активировал, проблем нет! Продавца рекомендую. От подарка не откажусь)
16.09.2016 19:33:41
спасибо всё хорошо хочу подарок .
15.08.2016 22:20:04
Все пришло моментально и без проблем.
23.05.2016 20:23:43
04.05.2016 23:16:09
Товар получен, спасибо!
15.04.2016 1:25:53
Код получен и активирован успешно
Не откажусь от подарка при возможности
05.03.2016 15:08:01
Спасибо ключ получил и активировал) Все работает. Хочу ключ-подарок)
22.09.2015 22:33:58
Найс! Хочу подарок)
30.07.2015 18:45:47
Купил, все пришло, огромное спасибо!) Хочу подарок.
23.07.2015 23:36:23
Всё отлично! Купил, активировал, поставил на установку, радуюсь. Очень удобно, быстро и без обмана. Всем советую. Хочу подарок.
18.07.2015 13:56:19
Сначала не доверял таким интернет-сервисам по покупке игр, но после покупки нескольких игр понял, что это очень удобно. А главное -- быстро!
Покупкой доволен. :)
16.07.2015 19:57:14
спс хочу подарок
30.04.2015 14:48:40
Спасибо за ключ, быстро и качественно. Хочу подарок.
P.S. получил хороший подарок
13.04.2015 17:52:10
Отлично, советую!
16.02.2015 19:18:04
Отлично! Хочу подарк.

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