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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

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$50 the discount is 2%
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Fifa World PC coins, FAST, CHEAP. Best price !!! Delivery of coins from 1 minute to 60 minutes. Coins are always available.
Paying for this product, you buy game currency - coins (Coins) for the PC version of FIFA WORLD.

For coins (coins) for the FIFA WORLD you can acquire new players, stadiums, balls, staff, and more.

The purchase process:

1. Pay for your purchase. After payment you will receive a unique 16-digit code.

2. Provide a unique code to the operator. To do this, you must contact the Inland chat (yellow head headphones at the top, click on it with the mouse), Skype or ICQ. Our contact details can be found on page

3. Once you have told us your unique code to auction / bid goods Golden player on the amount of coins you have purchased, ie if you buy 100 000 coins you put any player initial amount of 99 000 coins and buy Now 100,000 coins on one day and tells us the data item that you put the name of your team in Ultimate Team.

4. Tell us piłkarza

Sample message:
1. 16-digit unique code (provided to you after payment).
2. The type of the object that you set (eg, the player - Valdez, GK (Goalkeeper), La Liga, Barcelona)
3. The price for which the put (in the graph to buy now)
4. The name of your command (command name instead origin ID)
Guarantee delivery of coins for 1 minute to 30 minutes after receiving your product data, if we are online.
The game has a tax, removed 10 percent of the coins from any sales at auction.
For your positive feedback add 5 percent of coins.
12.07.2015 16:49:31
Беру третий раз
Всё ок
12.07.2015 16:26:14
Отличный продавец!Беру уже второй раз!
12.07.2015 16:04:57
Отличный продавец!Спасибо ему!
06.07.2015 23:32:00
Спасибо большое, удачи в развитии магазина!
03.07.2015 21:36:55
Получил,причем быстро.Спасибо!
30.06.2015 16:10:17
Все хорошо
28.06.2015 14:38:36
Всё круто и бистро
21.06.2015 19:18:34
15.06.2015 16:44:48
даже на маленькую сумму отозвался приветливо.все хорошо объяснил, быстро перевел!закажу еще
10.06.2015 15:11:11
04.06.2015 18:07:10
Отлично. Все пришло быстро и качественно
02.06.2015 18:17:04
Монеты пришли быстро, спасибо
02.06.2015 11:57:09
Vse prekrasno spasibo
01.06.2015 22:01:21
01.06.2015 15:24:51
01.06.2015 13:38:19
Все отлично,как всегда!
30.05.2015 19:13:21
все хорошо
30.05.2015 12:53:30
Всё прошло успешно
28.05.2015 16:33:42
25.05.2015 18:23:17

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