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From the author of the course:

"The trend Seven" - a three-week 100% practical course for young designers for drawing logos in 7 contemporary styles. Over 21 students of the closed course familiar with the style of logos, homework and received comments about their work. In this book, consisting of 50 pages, contains all the course materials and homework. They will allow novice designers explore all the 7, to perform tasks in order to improve their drawing skills logos.

Where to start to draw a logo, which is now fashionable logos and how to create a logo that does not go out of fashion - learn about it from the course materials.

Topic 1: Icons 3

Topic 2: Monograms 9

Theme 3: Badges and labels 15

Theme 4: Black-and-white graphics 3

Topic 5: Hand-made 29

Topic 6: Geometry 37

Topic 7: Negative Space 43
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