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Uploaded: 19.09.2018

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Languages: Russian, Poland
Activation: Origin
Activation: Region free
Release date: 2015 17.03 (can be changed by the publisher)
Developers: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Game description:

Anyone who has long dreamed to try yourself in the role of mafia or police will be able to realize the dream of a life in Battlefield Hardline. Players are waiting for unrivaled multiplayer mode Battlefield and fascinating story in the setting reminiscent of modern crime drama. In the single player campaign you in the role of Nick Mendoza (Nick Mendoza), a young detective, will begin a bloody vendetta against those he once called his comrades. In multiplayer mode, you have to round up the criminals rob bank vaults and release the hostages, such as mode Heist and Rescue. Battlefield Hardline become your new field of shootouts.


• Network mode Battlefield. Command tactical game in the spirit of the series Battlefield, which this time will unfold in a tough and stylish world of crime and punishment.
• Unusual criminal plot of the famous studio developer that gave us a series of Dead Space ™.
• Skirmishes in an underground lab, breaking the bank vault and mayhem in the motor show in Los Angeles: the whole environment in the game looks very modern, attractive and can be destroyed by the player.
• Use a diverse arsenal of weapons and devices, including shotguns with a shortened barrel, stun, ropes and cats. Devices may be used on any map that makes any battle unpredictable.
• Move around the map in the air in time to come to the aid of his team push enemies by car or taunted police, leaving the chase on a motorcycle. In Battlefield Hardline awaits an epic battle on the vehicles, which is so loved the fans of the series

WARNING: This activation key in Origin.

========== To start the game you must: ==========

1. Download and install Origin. (Http://

2. Run the Origin.

3. Select the language and the place where it will be installed the game.

4. Go to the "Origin-activate the product code."

5. Enter key received after payment.

6. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.

7. Select the Battlefield Hardline and click "Start".

8. Download and install the game.
01.05.2018 9:32:19
Спасибо все пришло)))
18.04.2018 13:52:44
спасибо большое
16.01.2016 10:58:05
Спасибо!Жду подарочек <3
21.10.2015 20:47:12
Отличный сервис и бонус по моей любимой специализации :)
09.10.2015 19:44:50
Всё хорошо) товар пришёл с 0 задержкой , очень доволен. Советую .
Хочу подарок.
01.04.2015 12:55:40
Большое спасибо. Уже второй раз покупаю у вас ключик все без обмана. Буду и дальше покупать ключи у вас
30.03.2015 14:01:07
Все хорошо. Активация прошла успешно, ключ пришел сразу)) Всем советую) Хочу подарок: Prototype 2, Orcs Must Die
29.03.2015 20:48:11
Спасибо, всё хорошо. Хочу подарок.
24.03.2015 12:50:57
все хорошо
19.03.2015 17:21:31
Спасибо большое, всё пришло =) Покупайте и играйте )
19.03.2015 13:58:25
Товар пришёл, всё работает, большое спасибо.
19.03.2015 13:47:52
Спасибо, всё хорошо.Просьба о получении подарка.
19.03.2015 12:54:18
Спасибо, всё пришло. Хочу подарок.
19.03.2015 12:37:06
Ответственный продавец! Сделка прошла успешно. Спасибо. Хочу подарок
19.03.2015 12:13:49
Ключом игру активировал успешно, благодарю.
19.03.2015 12:02:48
+++++ Продавец!

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