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You buy a card for Canadian AppStore.

You buy a code to the original credit card (iTunes Gift Card Canada). All the cards are in our stores in their original form - a plastic card.

100% uptime guarantee chain store Macstore (Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol).

Promotional price.

What is iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes Gift Card for the Canadian Apple ID - a 16-digit code which allows you to purchase any virtual content in absolutely all digital stores of Apple (AppStore, Mac AppStore, iBookStore, iTunes Store). Once you enter the code, your Apple ID immediately transferred the full amount of the nominal value. Apple ID - this username / password entered when you buy something in the AppStore. It is universal for all stores (AppStore, iTunes Store, Mac AppStore, BookStore).

What can you buy with the help of iTunes Gift Card?

With the iTunes Gift Card you can buy:

- Applications in the AppStore

- Applications in the Mac AppStore

- Music from the iTunes Store

- Movies from the iTunes Store

- Books in the iBook Store

- Purchases within applications

Attention, via iTunes Gift Card is not possible to buy devices from Apple (iPhone, iPad, etc.).

What are the denominations iTunes Gift Card, where they can be used?

The site selling iTunes Gift Card ONLY for the Canadian iTunes Store, the code will not work for Ukrainian / Russian / any other store. That is, if the registration of your account you specified Ukraine, then you do not fit the Gift Card and vice versa, if you have indicated to Canada, you will need iTunes Gift Card Canada, while others will not do.

For the Canadian iTunes Store, you can purchase a Gift Card value of 10, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, 100 Canadian dollars.

The difference between American and Ukrainian / Russian accounts Apple ID

Between these shops (in which country the account, and a store), there are many differences. The main difference is that the Ukrainian and Russian product is not the whole range of programs and games, compared to US stores, and there is no frequent sales of software from well-known software companies. Also less stores media content.

How to activate / enter the iTunes Gift Card?

Redeem iTunes Gift Card you can with a computer and with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

Activating iTunes card from your computer

With a computer, you can activate the Gift Card by following these instructions:

- Install the latest version of iTunes (apple.com)

- Open iTunes.

- Select the iTunes Store (upper right corner).

- Log into your account (button "Login" (Sign In) - in the upper left corner), if you have not done so.

- To enter the code, you should be on the main page of iTunes Store, in the Quick Links on the right column, click Redeem.

- In the window that appears before you enter the 16-digit code starting with the letter "X".

- Redeem Press to confirm.

Activation of gift certificates to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

If you want to activate the iTunes Gift Card on your Apple-gadget, you should use the following instructions:

- Open the iTunes Store or AppStore on your device.

- If a shop iTunes Store, click Music in the bottom navigation bar, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. If you open a store AppStore, click Featured on the bottom line of navigation and scroll down the page.

- Click Redeem.

- Then enter the 16-digit code of your gift card, starting with the symbol "X".

- Redeem Press to confirm.
13.01.2015 14:44:29
Я случайно купил канадский гифт карт, а мне надо было американский. Попросил продавца поменять карту на американский или вернуть деньги. Прошло 6 дней он не отвечает!!!!

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