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The license for the right to use the G Data TotalProtection 1 PC 1 year

G Data TotalProtection - a new integrated solution for comprehensive protection. Using modern technology offers the best online protection against viruses, hackers, spam and other threats from the Internet space. Additional modules backup data safe and protect your data from theft. Tuning improves the reliability of your browser and operating system.
Protective modules are very easy to set up, operate invisibly in the background and does not slow down the system.
Internet Protection: G Data Web Cloud blocks dangerous websites
Email protection: G Data Mail Cloud blocks virus outbreaks
Protecting online banking: BankGuard protects against dangerous banking Trojans
Control behavior: detects suspicious virus activity
Qualitative detection of viruses using a combination of the two engines
Resource-saving technology based on fingerprinting and background scanning during idle PCs
Module Backup automatically saves your data or images of your disks
Virtual keeps confidential data safe. For example, passwords
Protection from hacker attacks: a firewall in the background without question
Tuning improves the reliability of your browser and operating system
Protect and your Android ™ - Smartphone free from viruses and threats to mobile
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