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Paths (Paths) - the inclusion of a vector, which appeared in Photoshop even earlier layers. Working with vector graphics goes far beyond photo processing, but the ability to work with paths will greatly facilitate the implementation of many operations. Paths are a very useful tool for contouring (clipping) objects. With their help, you can easily build a mask for cutting out objects or custom work with them. Way to quickly create and easily edit complex curved contours, keeping them smooth and precise forms. Further, these circuits can be used for technological purposes (for vectorization, create effects, writing thereon text, etc.).

Working with paths quite narrow topic: the need to learn it once, and then the speed will increase by itself. We suggest you do this at the same time become acquainted with the little tricks of practical application of ways.
Course Information

Title: MK Paths - path in Adobe Photoshop

Author (director): Andrei Zhuravlev

Released: 2014

Genre: Training video


- What is the path (Path) and what they do

- Tools for working with paths

- The procedure for the rapid construction of the path

- Features clipping of objects for subsequent cutting

- Application of the ways to create a mask carving

- Methods of accelerating the creation of masks for complex objects

- Vector Mask layer (Vector Mask), refinement and application of

Issued: Russia

Duration: 3:08:25


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