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1. Assign a quenching temperature, a cooling medium and a tempering temperature of the springs from
Steel 70. Describe the nature of the transformations that occur, the microstructure and properties of steel after
Heat treatment.
2. P6M5 steel was chosen for the manufacture of cutters. Specify the composition and define the group
Steel by designation. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode, explaining the effect
Doping for transformations occurring during the heat treatment of a given steel. Describe
Microstructure and the main properties of the incisors after heat treatment.
3. For some parts (cheeks of drums, balls of grinding mills, etc.) is selected
Steel 110G13. Specify the composition and determine the steel group for its intended use. Assign Mode
Heat treatment and justify his choice. Describe the microstructure of steel and its causes
High abrasion resistance.
4. For the manufacture of parts in aircraft building, the alloy ML5 is used. Decode the composition
Alloy, specify the method of manufacturing parts from this alloy and describe the characteristics
Mechanical properties of this alloy.
5. Polyamides and polyurethanes. Describe their composition, properties and scope in
Machine building.
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