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1. Assign a quenching temperature, cooling medium and tempering temperature of the parts
Machines made of steel 40X, which must have a hardness of 28 ... 35 HRC. Describe the essence
Occurring transformations during heat treatment, microstructure and properties.
2. Steel XVSG is chosen for the production of the sweeps. Specify the composition and define the group
Steel by designation. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode. Describe
Microstructure and properties of scans after heat treatment.
3. In the boiler industry, steel 12X1MF is used. Specify the composition and group of steel for
Purpose. Assign a heat treatment mode, give its justification and describe
Structure of steel after heat treatment. How does the operating temperature affect the
Mechanical properties of this steel?
4. Brass L68 is used for the manufacture of parts by deep drawing. Please specify
Composition and describe the structure of the alloy. Assign a heat treatment mode between
Separate extraction operations, and justify his choice. Give general characteristics
Mechanical properties of the alloy.
5. Organic glass. Describe its properties and application in mechanical engineering.
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