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1. Briefly describe the essence of the process of liquid high-temperature cyanidation and
After cyanidation of heat treatment.
2. For the manufacture of milling cutters, steel 9ХС is chosen. Specify the composition and determine the steel group by
Purpose. Assign and justify the mode of heat treatment, explaining the effect of doping
On the transformations occurring during the heat treatment of this steel. Describe the micro
Structure and properties of mills after heat treatment.
3. For the resistance elements, manganin alloy MNMzZ-12 is chosen. Decode the composition
Alloy and indicate which group the alloy belongs to by designation. Describe the structure and
Electrotechnical characteristics of this alloy.
4. For the manufacture of aircraft parts, alloy D1 is chosen. Decipher the composition, describe
Method of hardening the alloy and explain the nature of hardening. Specify characteristics
Mechanical properties of the alloy.
5. SVAM fiberglass. Describe the properties, the method of obtaining, manufacturing parts and
Its application in mechanical engineering.
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