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1. Assign a quenching temperature, a cooling medium and a release temperature of the clamping
Bolts of steel Mt5, which must have a hardness of 207 ... 230 HB. Describe the microstructure and
2. Copies should have minimal deformation and high wear resistance at
Hardness of the surface layer of 750 ... 1000 HV. For their manufacture, steel 38ХМФА is chosen.
Specify the composition and determine the alloy group for the intended purpose. Assign and justify the mode
Thermal and chemical-thermal treatment, explaining the effect of doping on transformations,
Occurring at all stages of processing this steel. Describe the microstructure and properties
Copiers after thermal and chemical-thermal treatment.
3. For discs and rotors of turbines, steel 15Х12ВНМФ is used. Specify the composition and
Determine the steel group according to its intended use. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode and
Describe the structure. Describe the mechanical properties of steel.
4. Briefly outline the theory of thermal processing of aluminum alloys in
Applying to industrial alloy duralumin. Specify the composition of the strengthening phases,
Formed by aging duralumin.
5. Describe the relaxation processes of polymers in terms of their physical structure.
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