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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of surface hardening of steel products at
Heating by currents of high frequency in comparison with hardening by cementation method? Name it
Steel grades used for these types of processing.
2. X05 steel was chosen for the manufacture of scrapers. Specify the composition and define the group
Steel by designation. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode. Describe the structure and
Properties of steel after heat treatment.
3. Assign a grade of heat-resistant steel (silchrom) for valves of automobile and
Tractor engines of low power. Specify the composition of steel, assign and justify the mode
Heat treatment. Describe the structure and properties of steel after heat treatment.
4. For the manufacture of a number of aircraft parts, alloy D16 is chosen. Specify the composition and
Characteristics of the mechanical properties of the alloy after heat treatment. Describe the method
Hardening of this alloy and explain the nature of hardening.
5. Describe the fiberglass. Specify the characteristics of the filler by nature and form.
Requirements for the binder. Advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass.
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