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1. Select carbon steel for making files. Assign Mode
Heat treatment, describe the nature of the transformations that occur, the structure and properties
Tool after heat treatment.
2. As a result of heat treatment, the springs should receive high elasticity.
To make them, steel 50ХГФА was chosen. Specify the composition, assign and justify the mode
Thermal treatment, explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring at
Heat treatment of this steel. Describe the structure and properties of springs after the thermal
3. For parts operating in an oxidizing atmosphere, steel 12X13 is used.
Specify the composition and determine the class of steel by structure. Explain the purpose of chromium in this
Steel and justify the choice of steel grade for these working conditions.
4. For the manufacture of certain parts of internal combustion engines, an alloy
AK4. Decipher the composition, specify the method of manufacturing parts from this alloy and
Characteristics of the mechanical properties of the alloy at elevated temperatures.
5. Physical principles of welding of plastics. Describe the welding methods with direct
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