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1. Assign a quenching temperature, a cooling medium and a tempering temperature of the threaded
Calibers made of steel U10A. Describe the nature of the transformations that occur, the microstructure and
Hardness of the tool after heat treatment.
2. As a result of heat treatment, the thrust must have an increased strength
The entire cross-section (hardness 250 ... 280 NV). For their manufacture, steel 30XM is chosen. Please specify
Composition and determine the steel group for its intended use. Assign and justify the thermal mode
Treatment, explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring at
Heat treatment of this steel. Describe the structure and properties of steel after thermal
3. For parts working in contact with strong acids, steel 12X17 is chosen.
Specify the composition and determine the grade of steel. Explain the reason for the introduction of chromium into this steel and
Justify the choice of this steel for the specified working conditions.
4. For the manufacture of certain parts in the aircraft industry is used alloy MLZ.
Decode the composition, specify the method of manufacturing parts from this alloy and describe
Characteristics of mechanical properties.
5. Describe the foam, their varieties and properties. Indicate Areas of Application
Foam in mechanical engineering.
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