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1. Select steel for making springs. Assign a heat treatment mode,
Describe the microstructure and properties of the springs in the finished state. How can I improve my
Fatigue strength of springs?
2. For the manufacture of machine taps, steel P10K5F5 is chosen. Specify the composition and
Determine the steel group according to its intended use. Assign a heat treatment mode, bring it
Justification, explaining the effect of doping on transformations occurring at all stages
Heat treatment of this steel. Describe the structure and properties of steel after thermal
3. For the manufacture of parts operating in corrosive environments, steel is selected
08X17T. Specify the composition and determine the steel group for its intended use. Explain the purpose
Alloying elements introduced into this steel.
4. For the manufacture of certain parts of the aircraft selected alloy B9S. Specify the composition of the alloy,
Describe the method of its hardening, explaining the nature of the hardening, and specify the characteristics
Mechanical properties of the alloy.
5. Describe heat-resistant and heat-resistant plastics (with a heat resistance above 200 ° C).
Specify the conditions for their use
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