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1. Assign a mode of thermal and chemical heat treatment of gears of 20X steel with
Hardness of the tooth 58 ... 62 HRC. Describe the microstructure and properties of the surface and the core of the tooth
After heat treatment.
2. As a result of heat treatment, the springs should receive high elasticity.
To make them, steel 70СЗА was chosen. Specify the composition and determine the steel group by
Purpose. Assign and justify the mode of heat treatment, explaining the effect of doping
On the transformations occurring during the heat treatment of this steel. Describe the structure and
Properties of springs after heat treatment.
3. For the production of permanent magnets of section 50x50 mm, an EX alloy is chosen. Please specify
Composition and alloy group as designed. Assign a heat treatment mode, bring it
Justify and describe the structure of the alloy after treatment. Explain why in this case
You can not use steel U12.
4. For the manufacture of certain parts of the aircraft selected alloy AMg. Decipher the composition,
Describe the method of hardening of this alloy, explaining the nature of hardening. Give
Characteristics of the mechanical properties of the alloy.
5. Indicate the composition and properties of ceramics used in electrical instrumentation
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