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1. Assign a quenching temperature, cooling medium and tempering temperature
Measuring instrument made of steel U9A. Describe the microstructure and hardness of the instrument
After heat treatment.
2. For the production of molds, steel 3Х2В8 is chosen. Specify the composition and determine
The steel group for its intended purpose. Assign and justify the heat treatment mode by explaining
Effect of doping on the transformations occurring during the heat treatment of a given steel.
Describe the structure and properties of the molds after heat treatment.
3. For some precision instruments, Invar H36 is selected. Specify the composition and
Determine the alloy group for the intended purpose. Describe the effect of alloying elements on the main
Characteristics of the alloy and the reasons for choosing this alloy (in connection with the anomaly of the change in the coefficients
Thermal expansions).
4. Assign a brand of brass, corrosion-resistant in sea water. Decipher it
Composition and describe the structure using the copper-zinc state diagram. Specify a method
Hardening of brass and basic properties.
5. Describe the fundamental difference in the processes of crystallization of polymers and metals.
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