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1. Indicate temperatures at which the process of strength nitriding is carried out.
Explain why nitriding is not performed at temperatures below 500 and above 700 ° C
(Using the iron-nitrogen state diagram). What are the grades of steels used for azo
And describe the full cycle of their thermal and chemical-thermal treatment.
2. Steel 6ХС is chosen for making stamps. Specify the composition and define the group
Steel by designation. Assign a heat treatment mode, give its justification.
Describe the microstructure and properties of the steel after heat treatment.
3. Assign a grade of heat-resistant steel (silchrom) for valves of automobile
Engines of low power. Specify the composition, assign and justify the thermal
Processing of steel. Describe the microstructure and the main properties of the steel after the thermal
4. BrBNT-1,7 bronze was chosen for manufacturing current-conducting elastic elements.
Give the chemical composition, heat treatment and the resulting mechanical properties
Alloy. Describe the processes that occur during heat treatment, and explain the nature
Hardening in connection with the copper-beryllium state diagram.
5. Give the characteristics of the mechanical and technological properties of glass fibers and
Glass-textolite. Indicate their application in engineering
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