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1. Assign a mode of heat treatment of lightly loaded parts of steel 45.
Give its justification and describe the structure and mechanical properties of the parts. Explain,
Why satisfactory properties on products from a given steel can be obtained in
Small cross-sections.
2. For the manufacture of parts of dies processing metal in the cold state,
Steel is selected. Specify the composition, assign and justify the mode of heat treatment of steel,
Explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring during heat treatment.
Describe the microstructure and properties of dies after heat treatment.
3. For rheostatic resistance elements, manganin alloy MNMc3 is chosen. Decrypt
Composition, describe the structure and electrical characteristics of this alloy.
4. For the pistons of an internal combustion engine operating at temperatures of 200-250 ° C
C, the alloy AL1 is used. Decipher the composition and specify the method of manufacturing the parts from this
Alloy. Describe the mode of hardening heat treatment and briefly explain the nature
5. Provide justification of technical and economic advantages of using plastics in
Machine building. The main areas of their effective application.
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