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1. Assign a mode of heat treatment of cold forming stamps from steel U10.
Give its justification and describe the structure and properties of the stamps. Explain why from
This steel is manufactured stamps of small cross-section.
2. As a result of thermal and chemical-thermal treatment, worms should receive
A hard abrasion-resistant surface layer with a viscous core. For their manufacture
The steel 12Х2Н4ВА is chosen. Specify the composition of the steel and determine the steel group for the purpose.
Assign and justify the regime of thermal and chemical-thermal treatment, explaining the influence
Alloying on the transformations occurring at all stages of processing of the given steel. Describe
Microstructure and properties of worms in finished form.
3. Assign stainless steel for the manufacture of parts working in an acetic environment
Acid at a temperature of up to 40 ° C. Give the chemical composition of the steel required
Heat treatment and the resulting structure. Explain corrosion resistance
Material and the role of each alloying element.
4. Assign a grade of aluminum bronze for the manufacture of small critical parts
(Bushings, flanges, etc.). Specify its composition, describe the structure using the state diagram
Copper-aluminum and the main properties of bronze.
5. Describe the thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers and indicate the difference between
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