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1. For casting of critical gears, pulleys, etc. Gray cast irons are used.
Select the brands of cast iron, their composition, structure and properties. Draw a microstructure of these
Cast irons.
2. Cylinder liners of internal combustion engines must have a high hardness and
Wear resistance of the surface layer is 750 ... 1000 HV. For the manufacture of their chosen steel
38Х2МЮА. Specify the composition and determine the steel group for its intended use. Assign and justify
Regime of thermal and chemical-thermal treatment, explaining the effect of doping on
Transformation into steel during its heat treatment. Describe the structure and properties
Surface layer and core of the sleeve.
3. For the manufacture of parts operating in corrosive environments, steel is selected
08H18N12T. Specify the composition and explain the reasons for introducing alloying elements into this steel.
Assign and justify the heat treatment mode and describe the microstructure of the steel
After heat treatment.
4. Indicate the brand, composition, properties and method of manufacturing of metal-ceramic solid
Alloys for cutting tools.
5. Describe the methods of processing plastics in products, depending on the type of filler and
Nature of the binder
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