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Special course includes:

7 algorithms to trade without risk
90% Star testing of signal setup
13 patterns Price Action to enter the market
S / L 15-30 points
The risk / profit from 1 to 5
Three LED display Elder V2.0 with alerts for free
The number of signals in the standard system increased 18 times
With 100 points, yield on the system increased to 300-500
The minimum time at the monitor

The system is based on a special course three screens Elder. It involves low risk and high profit figure. Due to the indicator, which was developed specifically for the special course, the signals become automated, and their number has increased by 18 times. To maximize the probability of working out, the system is combined with Price Action.
Three LED screen with the Elder Alert V2.0 for free

- Clearly defined setup. Ie a signal that you need to prepare for the opening of the transaction.

- With our new indicator with an alert you will not need to be at the computer screen, either before or after the opening of the transaction.

- When the signal is simply to enter the market for pattern Price Action.

- The indicator will send you an email if you are not home, cry, if you are in the next room, and then you just need to go to the terminal and set a pending order.

- Do you know your risks. Working on Price Action always known point position opening + S / L, and therefore easy to determine the trading volume to suit your personal risk management.

- The system includes a maximum risk reduction and, consequently, the psychological comfort trade.
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