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VAZ 2130-1,8L 8V BOSCH MP7,0 0261206542 M7V30L07 tun

To install the firmware instead

VAZ2130-1.8L8V_2123-1411020-10__Bosch MP7.0_0261206542_M7V30L07_map_ori.rar Euro 2
VAZ2130-1.8L8V_2123-1411020-10__Bosch MP7.0_0261206542_M7V30L07 full ori.rar Euro 2

complete firmware

1. Euro-2.

VAZ 2130-1,8L 8V BOSCH MP7,0 0261206542 M7V30L07_YL (FULL FLASH)
Disabled DC 2
If necessary, a catalyst and an oxygen sensor downstream of the catalyst can be removed.
Disabled diagnostka rough road sensor and canister.
(Signals to start and run at serviceable Comp act, but a fault or component is removed
 Lamp "CHECK" does not light up). In firmware good acceleration characteristics.
Fuel consumption is lower than on the original firmware. (9l \ 100 km highway)
Improved cold start with strong low temperatures.
The temperature of operation is reduced to prevent fan
boiling antifreeze.

When removing the fuel tank canister provide a message to the atmosphere.
(eg replacing the standard cap on the fuel tank cap with a valve)
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
For the purchased firmware is available free adjustment
under the regional conditions and the technical condition of the car.
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