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$100 the discount is 5%
$2000 the discount is 10%
$5000 the discount is 15%
$10000 the discount is 20%
attentionKindly please do not put negative feedback before contacting the seller. </ attention>

After the purchase you get the data to enter the site (no access to the mail)
You can:

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Minecraft is an unusual game, the world of which consists of blocks with different characteristics and textures. It combines the elements of the "sandbox" with the ability to create. And you can create everything here that the soul will like, from the available blocks, which in the game there are more than one hundred types. At the moment, Minecraft has three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.

Minecraft Premium:
- Premium for Minecraft gives you the ability to put yourself skin (this is how the player will look in the game)
- Premium for Minecraft gives the opportunity to play on Premium servers (there are very few such)
- Premium for Minecraft makes it possible to play on MineZ servers (
- Premium is needed in order to get a full licensed version of Minecraft (
- At death, the inventory is not emptied.
- At the entrance to the server there is no inscription "Try it in 3 seconds".
- Ability to go to the server, even if it is full.
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In connection with a large influx of fans of freebies and deceit, we warn - one who will leave a negative feedback about the purchase without first contacting the seller, will immediately receive a ban and a bans on further purchases, no matter how your problem is solved, no matter who is right and who is right no.
How to change NIC:
1. Go to the site
2. Look at the line Minecraft
3. We can see the button "Change"
4. Enter your new nickname.
How to change the SKIN:
1. Go to the site
2. We pass authorization using the data we bought
3. Then in the upper right corner click on your login
4. Select the item "PROFILE"
5. We see the line with the choice of skin - choose the skin.
6. Click on the "Reset skin" button below.
21.01.2018 16:11:20
У меня не работает что делать?
20.01.2018 19:39:25
Аккаунт сейчас не работает, хочу замену.
19.01.2018 11:38:16
Спасибо за аккаунт,все работает.
Логин и пароль подходят.
Удачи в развитии.
18.01.2018 20:59:25
бан на хайпикселе когда купил сразу хотел погирать на хайпикселе
18.01.2018 20:43:45
Простите уменя неверный пороль и логин. Почему помогите
18.01.2018 19:50:26
Хорошо дайте подарок!
18.01.2018 13:34:56
17.01.2018 22:13:34
17.01.2018 21:04:26
Все круто, продавцу респект))) Купил аккаунт кто-то пароль сменил, я попросил возврат и уже через 1 час день мне отдали деньги все чотко)))
17.01.2018 12:32:39
Работает только у него и покупайте
15.01.2018 13:10:42
12.01.2018 17:14:18
best like you best best :)
11.01.2018 19:31:15
лучший сайт я купил аккаунт и даволине
11.01.2018 14:15:56
10.01.2018 17:43:03
Купил, но пока не опробовал
06.01.2018 19:25:25
+very good seller
06.01.2018 12:34:01
отлично я купил и играю
17.11.2017 13:52:49
2 года прошло, а аккаунт ещё рабочий. Круто
09.11.2017 17:05:21
Можно подарок?
09.11.2017 17:05:07
Можно подарок?

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