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When purchasing this product, you will receive a license key for the game Assassins Creed: Unity (Region-free, multi-language) to activate a UPLAY.

You are purchasing Assassins Creed: Unity.

Activation: Uplay

Region: Region Free

Language: Multilanguage

* Instant key delivery *

Immediately after payment you will receive the key to the screen. It can also be viewed at http:


- Over 12 years experience in the

- Merchant passport since 2002, BUSINESS LEVEL (BL) more than 1250!

- Positive feedback

- Vast experience with releases of new games and shipment of goods

- Cumulative discounts

- Support in English available

* GAME *

Paris, 1789. The French Revolution transformed the once beautiful city into the realm of fear and chaos. In the streets flowing with blood commoners who dared to resist the tyranny of the aristocracy. And while the French nation is a fratricidal war, a young man named Arno learns what forces actually stand for revolution. Journey will lead him to the center of the battle for the fate of the nation and will make him a real master assassin.

You will find yourself in the heart of the French Revolution, to see all the most important events of the time, from the Bastille to the execution of King Louis XVI, and help the people of France to choose a new destiny.

Immerse yourself in a new chapter of the saga Assassin´s Creed.

••••• Features: •••••

• The engine Anvil Next Enginge - new engine with improved physical model, lighting, animation.

• The unique setting of Paris revolutionary period.

• Immerse yourself in the thick of the events of the revolution in France.

•••••••••••••• •••••••••••••• •••••••••••••• •••••••• ••••••

Instructions on how to activate Uplay

1. Download and install on your computer special program Uplay (website

2. Run the Uplay.

3. Go to an existing account or register a new one.

4. On the top horizontal menu, select "PLAY" and press the "Activate Product".

5. In the window "Product Activation" enter the activation key games in the field. Check the field and click "OK".

6. System Uplay will show you what kind of game you are going to be activated. If you agree, then press "Activate."

7. The game was activated and added to your library account Uplay (Yupley).

8. To download and install the game itself - click on the image of the game in your games list and select "Download game".

•••••••••••••• •••••••••••••• •••••••••••••• •••••••• ••••••




Every customer who has purchased this product and leave your positive feedback, the game gets to Steam.

Key will need to be activated in the "Steam".

For a gift you must:

1) Buy our game

2) to leave positive feedback with a comment "I want to present"

3) Contact us by email (Email Set in contacts) or via chat.

Subscribe present case within 24-48 hours after writing a comment.

Caution Leaving a review You warrant that you have read, understood and accepted all the conditions for receiving the gift.

If you have any questions - contact us.

Dear customers! Please leave positive feedback after each purchase - this helps our rating and allows you to reduce the price for you! Thank you!

30.08.2017 19:32:17
25.10.2015 19:37:56
15.09.2015 22:41:07
спасибо. все работает очень хорошо. столкнулся с некоторыми проблемами, но их метод решения оказался внутриигровым
12.06.2015 18:55:50
22.05.2015 20:51:27
23.03.2015 21:51:42
gift +
16.03.2015 19:57:47
16.02.2015 21:44:00
29.01.2015 11:49:17
good, thx
26.01.2015 10:08:04
24.01.2015 17:10:35
24.01.2015 16:25:25
26.12.2014 6:40:52
25.12.2014 20:24:20
25.12.2014 8:51:46
19.11.2014 7:52:41
Цена устраивает, ключ пришел моментально и без проблем.
(Хочу подарок)
13.11.2014 19:32:02
13.11.2014 19:10:12
13.11.2014 19:08:45
13.11.2014 19:07:07

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