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DeLiViewer - Manager statistics overall attendance sites. Manager takes readings and display the number of visitors to the Liveinternet accounts and puts them in their locally stored database. Based on the collected data can be viewed as a dynamic traffic to individual sites and by groups of sites, and even IP addresses. In addition, each site can add any number of tags, and then view statistics on sites that support each other tags.

For convenience, a report with the data in a group of many sites, how many sites on a particular IP address, and what percentage of the total number of traffic gives one or another group of sites, many sites provide traffic under this or that tag.

Opportunities DeLiViewer

The program parses the value of the account Liveinternet attendance and maintains its own database
The values ​​of the account Liveinternet take up a significant amount of time, so skip the update statistics failures in the data will not be
Saves the database IP address of all added sites
Allows you to see the statistics of visitors, visits, visitors from search engines and other sites not only in a particular site, but also on all group sites
Displays the overall schedule and attendance statistics for all sites
Displays general schedule from search engines
Has a list of exceptions sites and groups of common indicators, but with the ability to view statistics
Displays the configuration of the site (the number of sites in the groups, the number of sites on the IP address)
Allows you to view the statistics including by IP address
For the convenience of visual perception, all charts and tables by double-clicking will open in a separate window
A desktop program, written in C #, for the program you want installed framework net3.5. For the operation of the program requires additional component framework for MSCHART, it is included in the archive with the program (or you can download it from Microsoft).

The program comes in two versions, with x86 architecture and under x64.
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