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Unlock Beeline A100 (ZTE A100) NCK-specific code. Unlock the phone from any network operator by means of a unique NCK-code generated based on IMEI-numbers specifically for your device.

You get the unlock code for your phone automatically, immediately after the payment.

To unlock only IMEI-your telephone number (15 digits), which can be found on a sticker in the battery compartment or on the phone by dialing the combination * # 06 #.

After payment you will receive an answer in the following format:

Your IMEI: ###############

NCK: ############

where NCK - Network unlock code for your phone.

=== === Supported models

Beeline A100

ZTE A100

ZTE 810-E810

ZTE A261

ZTE AT & T R225 Go-Phone

ZTE Coral 255

ZTE Coral 266

ZTE Coral 550

ZTE Coral 555

ZTE Coral 690

ZTE Coral 725

ZTE Coral 850

ZTE F120

ZTE R238

ZTE Sage

ZTE T Mobile Vairy Touch

ZTE T Mobile Vairy Touch II

ZTE T Mobile Vibe E200



ZTE Tmn easy 10

ZTE UT-Starcom GPF1134

ZTE Viettel V6202

ZTE Beeline A100

ZTE Cute

ZTE La poste

ZTE Smile

ZTE Sydney

ZTE-G R230

ZTE-G N220

ZTE-G N261

ZTE-G N281

ZTE-G N285


ZTE-G N290

ZTE-G R221

ZTE-G R222

ZTE-G R225

ZTE-G R228

ZTE-G R231

ZTE-G R235

ZTE-G R236


ZTE-G R250

ZTE-G R260

ZTE-G R321

ZTE-G S202

ZTE-G S203

ZTE-G S213

ZTE-G S215

ZTE-G S511

ZTE-G S512

ZTE-G S516

ZTE-G T202


ZTE-G X671

ZTE-G X672

ZTE-G X730

ZTE-G X760

ZTE-G X761

ZTE-G X930

ZTE-G X960

ZTE-G X990

ZTE-G X991

ZTE-G Z525

ZTE-G Z533



Zong R22

Zong R23

=== WARNING! Important information ===

Carefully read the product description. The service is completed in full and no refund in the following cases:

- Your phone is not in the list of supported models;

- Your phone does not ask for unlock code;

- On your phone has been spent trying to enter the unlock code.

If you ordered a product, but an incorrect IMEI in the order form, contact the seller by model (e-mail, ICQ), your situation will be reviewed within 24 hours.

Making the payment you agree to the terms of service, and confirm that you understand how to use the resulting NCK-code.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Last Name First Name;

- IMEI phone number (15 digits);

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
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