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This book will not tell you how to become the best mom in the world to raise a better child, all prosper, and will never know sorrow. This book is about how to raise a child easier and easier to have more joy and unnecessary hassle and worry - less. So that when the child grows up, you remember the time of his childhood with tenderness and love.

This book - a description of my philosophy of light and positive life with children from birth to school. Then, too, it will be fun, but these early years - the most important, at this time laid the foundations of all, and especially - your attitude towards children and lives with them.

The book is about how to raise his heir (or heiress) in the spirit of humanism, how to be a good enough mother, how to plant the little man family values \u200b\u200band to help it grow in all senses, to develop harmoniously. And it does not put their lives on the altar of motherhood.
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