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It has long been widely used herbs for medicinal purposes. Scientists have studied and continue to study the medicinal properties of many plants, including long-known.

Currently, interest in herbal medicine is very grown up. This is due to the fact that, as it turned out, the plants contain a complex of biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the body.

Especially popular among the many homeopathic remedies enjoys golden mustache. Formulations kallizii consisting of natural components, well tolerated and have virtually no side effects than synthetic drugs. Although the properties of the golden whiskers is still poorly understood, it really can cure many diseases. Of course, a panacea for all ills do not exist, but it is a plant helped many people.

Golden mustache shrouded in mystery, as he is credited with almost magical healing properties. In this book, we describe in detail about this wonderful plant, how to grow it and how to apply for various diseases.

Golden mustache is taken orally and used externally for burns, sore throat, asthma, gastritis, hypertension, diabetes and many other diseases.

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