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LEGO® Batman ™ 3: Beyond Gotham

"Blockbuster game series LEGO Batman returns, which means you will find an amazing new adventure! The game« LEGO Batman 3: Leaving Gotham "The Dark Knight will join with other DC Universe characters and go into space to stop Brainiac to destroy the Earth. Using ring forces, treacherous villain reduces the whole of the city and adds to them a sinister collection. Only the greatest superheroes and supervillains under the mightiest force to stop him ... but for this they need to come together and visit the many worlds in search of new power rings. It is necessary to hurry - there is not much time!

• For the first time Batman and his associates to fight in space, as well as in different worlds lamp housing.

• At your disposal will be over 150 unique characters that have incredible powers and abilities. Among them are members of the Justice League, as well as giant characters Cyborg, Solomon Grundy, and others.

• Thanks to all sorts of masking ability Brainiac subjugate others and extraordinary capabilities rings strength you will find many unexpected plot twists and surprises even the most familiar characters.

• Penetrates into virtual worlds and break codes, explore mazes, fight in the arena and take part in races.

• Choose and improve the ability of the costumes and characters by pressing one button.

• Visit legendary places - Hall of Justice, the cave of Batman, Justice League watchtower and access to shops, trophy room and the possibility of changing the characters and equipment.


BONUS + LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass

Save with "Season Pass"! The season tickets will go down 6 additions, each with its own theme, job, level, history and free game mode. Players will have access to more than 40 characters, vehicles, achievements and much more. The season ticket also includes:

● Set "" The Dark Knight ""

● Set "" Man of Steel ","

● Set "" Batman 75 ""

● Access to three additional sets

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