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Unique course of WebForMyself - WordPress-Master from personal blogs to Premium template (expert level and Guru). In this course you will learn, and most importantly be able to create your premium theme (template) for wordpress, you will know the basics of design to wordpress, layout in html5 and css 3.0 and much, much more!


Currently video course WordPress-Master from personal blog to premium template. The only and unique hands-on course to create Wordpress templates of any complexity

- In this video course you will learn how to professionally create customized sites on Wordpress - with your unique design and for any purpose

- You will learn to make up ground copyrights themes with unique designs.

- Your sites are displayed correctly on any device, from smartphones and tablets to the giant monitor desktop computers.

- You will be the elite among webmasters and will earn really good money by creating websites from scratch with a unique design practically for any purpose: from blogs and business sites to corporate portals.

- This knowledge is enough to open his own studio and the Web to do this business, bringing a serious income.

The course consists of 2 sections (level) - the level of specialists (for beginners) and the level of GURU (for more professional web development). Sections mutually complement each other and provide detailed knowledge on the subject of creation and layout wordpress-template from scratch, and to the final result.

The content of the video course:


1. Cutting and imposition layouts

- In this section you´ll see how the layout of PhotoShop PSD format to make high-quality layout of the three sites.

- Thus, according to the results of the first part, we will layout all three sites created to date.

- In the first block, "real-time" will be expanded to pieces the entire process of cutting and the subsequent imposition of our models of PhotoShop PSD format directly in HTML.

2. Personal blog

Lesson 1. Documentation WordPress. Analyzing the structure of threads

Lesson 2. Transfer the template to a folder Topics

Lesson 3: Breakdown of the template into its component parts

Lesson 4. Conclusion site menu

Lesson 5. The cycle of WordPress. Conclusion Articles Site

Lesson 6. Implementation Site Search

Lesson 7. Implementing sidebar widgets

Lesson 8: Adding support for widgets footer

Lesson 9. pagination. Creating templates posts and pages

Lesson 10: The implementation of the function comments

Lesson 11: Adding a new type of records (custom post type)

3. Premium Website template portfolio

Lesson 1: Analysis of the structure threads

Lesson 2. Transfer the template to a folder Topics

Lesson 3: Creating a menu

Lesson 4: Working with the slider "carousel"

Lesson 5. Conclusion records on the main page

Lesson 6: Adding support for thumbnails

Lesson 7. Implementing footer widgets

Lesson 8: Create a single page template. Part 1

Lesson 9: Create a single page template. Part 2

Lesson 10. Writing Template standard headings

Lesson 11: The implementation of the template headings exhibitions

Lesson 12. Adding the template record

Lesson 13: Creating a functional gallery

Lesson 14. Adding metadata column exhibition

Lesson 15. Creating a contact page. Part 1

Lesson 16. Creating a contact page. Part 2

Lesson 17. Final touches. Completion of the topics

4. Premium template corporate website

Lesson 1: Analysis of the structure threads

Lesson 2. Transfer the template to a folder Topics

Lesson 3: Creating Your Own

Lesson 4: Adding functionality of the widget icon

Lesson 5. Create custom menu on the site

Lesson 6 Implementing the home page slider

Lesson 7. The conclusion of the main page

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