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Chic song from the film "Merry chronicle of dangerous travel." And the film itself is gorgeous (the actors, music A.Basilaya, and the plot). Finally I turned and arrangement. For the trained artist - are quite "tricky" fingering. It requires strong little finger on his left hand, the ability to play whimsical rhythms.
pdf file, duplicate notes tabulaturoy.V file can present a watermark and change the file protection. If your not open to pdf file or printed incorrectly - please contact me, I will help 100%.
Arrangement is made with a love for good music on every spent dozens of hours of time (including the testing of performance for video recording, etc.).
Earnest request: Do not you spread the acquired arrangement (or typed in another musical editor) in free access. Please, at public execution, or by transferring to another electronic format - the author points out arrangements. Bon indiscriminately, good game!
30.01.2018 12:50:11
Спасибо Игорь!
В итоге у Вас получился классный кавер!
Успехов Вам и здоровья!
28.02.2015 11:07:50