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The problem is that consumers are the Center its application for any one type of resource, which in turn is always limited. Centre on the basis of these proposals to allocate available resources at its disposal. To solve this problem in Delphi competitive mechanism used in applications.

Relevant circumstances the system is the fact that on the one hand, the system is there to achieve any specific objectives, it is possible to talk about the interests of the whole system. On the other hand, elements of the system are often pursue their own interests, generally speaking, do not coincide with the interests of the whole system. All this gives grounds to formalize some aspects of ogrsistem in terms of game theory. Game theory - a theory of mathematical models, the interests of the participants are different, and they achieve their goals in different ways. The clash of opposing interests of the parties gives rise to conflict situations. The need to analyze such a situation, in turn, has led to the emergence of the theory of games, which aims to develop recommendations for the rational course of action to the conflict.
The source code for the distribution of resources on Delphi 7 as a bonus given explanatory note. This source code is the best for putting on a good course work assessment.

Download a demo version of the program resource allocation here:
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